Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I port my number within the same network?

No. The portability exists to offer you the possibility to change your network provider without changing your telephone number which you got used with. If you want to keep your network and change contract conditions, you have to negotiate this with your services provider and ask a better offer for you.

If I change the network, I keep current format of my phone number?

Yes. Phone number keeps its integral format and destination.

Can be ported prepaid numbers?

Yes. User of mobile telephone service has the possibility to keep his/her number when changing the provider, regardless of payment method (prepaid or postpaid).

If I have a prepaid card and I want to port my number, what does happen with my credit?

Unused credit will not be transferred!

How do I know in which network I call? How can I recognize if the dialed number was ported?

If you dial from your network a number which was in the same network before porting, after initiating the call and before answer, you will hear a destinctiv tone which signals that the number was ported. By this time you can decide if you want to cancel the call. 
You can find in which network is a certain telephone number from following sources:
- From your services provider through Customer Service;
- Visit and use the special application for locating portable numbers.

I want to transfer my number to a different network before the contract termination. Is that possible? What happens with the contract between me and provider I want to leave?

Porting is possible; the request cannot be refused in this case. After porting, the contract with your previous provider ends. Porting demand is a request to end the provision of telephone services by donor-provider.

NOTE! The transfer to another provider DOES NOT relieve you of contractual obligations which you have for provider you leave.

How many times can I port my number?

As many you want. There is no limit.

Can I port my number if I have debts to service provider I want to leave?

Yes. But you are required to pay all debts. You will not be released from social or administrative liability according to the legislation for violation of contract.

If I transfer my number to a different network, can I use my phone in case if it is blocked in provider network I left? Has the provider the right to block my number in his network?

Providers can set certain telephone devices to work only in their own network and sell them on a special offer/customer loyalty program. Probably, these devices will not function in another network. 
Telephones themselves are not the subject to portability. You have to negotiate with your provider the conditions for telephone decoding.

It is normal to ask me a fee for porting telephone number? What is the maximum value for it?

The operator, donor, has no right to impose a payment to you for the porting of numbers, or in case when you have contractual obligations to him.
The provider-acceptor shall incur the internal costs required by number portability. Therefore the provider has the right to appeal to the various ways to recover those costs, including a fee for porting.



S.A. Moldcell - Number is ported IT IS NOT WEARING

Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181