Porting procedure

Porting procedure for mobile numbers

1. Before deciding to port your number please check all providers offers and choose suitable offer for you.

2. Visit a representation of the provider to which you want to transfer your number. You should have with you SIM/USIM/R-UIM card, a document confirming your identity and other documents proofing your data submitted in porting request.

NOTE: If you are a legal entity or individual engaged in entrepreneur activities, you must also provide registration documents of your organization.

3. If you are represented by someone else, he/she needs identification document and authorization formalized accordingly.

4. Fill in an application to port, which can be obtained in one of the offices of the operator to which you want to transfer.

5. Be careful when you fill the Porting Form. If filled data are not correct or incomplete, NPCDB (number portability central database) will reject your request.

6. Submit Porting Form in the office of the operator, accompanied by documents confirming the data entered into the application, where you obtained the porting form, or call a local customer care operator to which you want to transfer  and find out where to apply (in the case you completed application form).

7. Determine the porting date with provider to which you want to port. Normally within 5 working days, but is possible to port your number within 30 working days at your request.
8. Operator in whose network you want to subscribe will contact you to provide the exact date and time period when porting will be done. If you have not signed a contract, operator will inform about the time when you have to sign it. In case you did not got SIM/USIM/R-UIM card, when submitted the request, you have visit provider’s representative and take it.

9. If you decided to cancel the porting request, you have to fill up Porting Cancel Form at provider’s representative where you filled the Porting Form. Porting Cancel Form must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the time you agreed with provider to achieve porting.
10. IMPORTANT! Do not apply to porting applications multiple operators. Choose one operator whose subscriber you want to become and apply porting form only to one of his representatives.


S.A. Moldcell - Number is ported IT IS NOT WEARING

Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181