Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a legal person, can I port my number like natural person? It is possible inversely?

No, because in these cases the contract holder should be changed and this is not possible during porting process. 
However, change the contract holder can be done regardless porting process, we suggest to contact your providers directly  and leave it on their discretion to accept your request or not.

How can I cancel the porting request?

Porting cancellation can be done by submitting a request to one of provider’s representations you asked for porting. Porting cancellation form must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the time you agreed with provider to achieve porting.


I want to transfer a telephone number in a different network and keep my current contract (which I signed with provider I want to leave). Is it possible?

We consider that in this situation you have no reason to port your number.
But, assuming that you still want to port your number to a different network, you have to know that any contract signed with provider you want to leave, ends upon completion of the porting process. The service will be provided (on ported number) under a new contract signed with provider to whom you want to transfer. The new provider is the one who can decide if offers you the same contract conditions like previous provider.

I am forced to accept a temporary phone number?

No. The provider-acceptor should offer you the possibility to port your number without assignment a temporary phone number. In this case, until porting completion you will not be able to use services given by provider-acceptor.

Can acceptor provider refuse my request of porting in his network?

Yes, but only in following cases:
- Refuse to connect others applicants and to provide telephone service for them;
- Lack of technical possibility;
- Existence of your debts to this provider;

The provider which I want to leave can refuse my number porting to another provider?

Yes, but only in following cases:
- The application is not filled or filled incorrectly;
- The identity of the applicant is incorrect or not the same as client whose number is requested for porting;
- The number is not from portable numbers range;
- Were received more porting requests for the same number;
- The number is not in provider’s network which you want to leave because of divestiture or porting or the number in not assigned for you by provider;
- SIM, USIM or R-UIM card for the number you are requesting portability declared lost or stolen;
- The number used for the provision of mobile phone services are prepaid and no calls were made from it;


IMPORTANT: following reasons are not considered for reject the porting request:
- Existence of your debts to provider you want to leave or to third part;
- Existence of minimum term of the contract termination with provider you want to leave or existence of a clause;
- Temporary suspension of service on number for which the porting is required, by provider you want to leave.


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Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181