Over 150,000 numbers were ported in Moldova.

The service of number portability eliminated a very important and significant obstacle to the freedom of choice for telephony users, allowing them to save a phone number in case of changing a provider. In three years since the launch of number portability service in Republic of Moldova, the interest of citizens to operator's offers increased substantially.

Citizens of Moldova, who have changed operator, but retain their phone number, becomes more and more from year to year: in 2013 was registered 28,595 portings, in 2014 was 66,280 portings, in 2015 the number of ported telephone numbers has reached 114,095, and in 2016 the total amount of ported numbers reached more than 150,000.

Operators have improved their offers, offering a variety of new services and grate deals in order to retain their customers, or to be more attractive for users from other telephone networks.

Statistics show that the greatest interest in number preservation manifests mobile users who have changed their operator in amount of 136,401 users, representing more than 91% of the total number portings. The leader with the largest quantity of ported numbers, taken in its network continues to be operator Moldcell with 82,195 new numbers, Orange received 30,724 new users and Moldtelecom (Unite) has 23,482 new subscribers.

Most of the 12,783 ported fixed numbers were distributed among the leading operators as follows: Starnet Solutii – 6,050 numbers, Orange – 3,170 numbers, Moldtelecom - 873 numbers, Moldcell - 735 and Sun Communications - 558 numbers.

As to monthly average of number portings in 2016, statistics show that most of portings (4,7 thousands), was registered in February. 4,210 (88%) of them are mobile numbers and 568 (12%) - fixed.

The following graph reflects porting dynamics of mobile and fixed numbers in operator's networks by the end of 2016:


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Number is ported - S.A. Moldcell

Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181