We celebrate the 5th anniversary with 200.000 ported numbers!

On July 1st, 2018, Moldova marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of portability. Nearly 200,000 mobile and fixed telephony users in Moldova in these five years used the freedom of choice, which allowed to keep the phone number when changing the provider of telephone services.

Number portability was invented in the UK in 1996, by Edward Sonnenberg while working at Siemens. Although it was presented as a tool to encourage competition in the monopolized telecommunications industry, portability of numbers has become popular due to the emergence of mobile phones, as in most countries different mobile operators use different regional codes, and transferring the operator requires a change of number. Later Portability also appeared in 100 countries of the world, to which Republic of Moldova joined in 2013.

For the first 10 years, since the introduction of portability, worldwide, 31.4 million porting of mobile numbers have been registered. The highest percentage of transferred mobile numbers is registered in countries such as Finland (more than 64%) and Denmark (32%), in Spain and Sweden the share is more than 20%. in countries such as Belgium, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands, the portability ratio is between 10% and 16%, countries with low rates: Luxembourg - 3.4%, Germany, Greece, France, Portugal and Austria - lower 1.9%.

At present, the following statistics are recorded in the Republic of Moldova: since the launch of portability, 197.868 numbers (2.47%) have been transferred, of which 181.099 (2.27%) are mobile numbers and 16.769 (0.20%) - fixed.

In the segment of mobile telephony, the champion in porting numbers can be called "Moldcell", which for 5 years managed to attract 98.026 users from other mobile networks, followed by Orange Moldova with 45.920 numbers followed by Moldtelecom (Unite) with 34.948 new subscribers. In the case of fixed telephony, at the moment, 34 operators divide 16.476 port numbers, most of which were accepted by operators "Starnet Solutions" (7.148), "Orange Moldova" (3.481), "Moldtelecom", (1.941) and "Arax Impex" (1.176).

We are 5 years old! 5 years shoulder to shoulder with operators and our partners, 5 years during which we offered quality, professionalism and friendship! We thank all operators who have been together all these years of teamwork, and we, the NP Base team, will always be with you. We want to be, in the future both for current and future operators, the optimal solution for maximizing the effective implementation of the portability of fixed and mobile telephony numbers. Being together is the beginning, staying together - progress, working together is success.

In 5 years we have been and will remain faithful to the principle that guides us:

"Be free! Port your number to the desired operator!"

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Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181