More than 270000 of telephone numbers ported in Republic of Moldova

After 6 years of activity, we can say that the objectives of the implementation project of number portability in Republic of Moldova has been achieved, and the launch of the telephone number portability service became one of the main events of recent years in the domestic electronic communications sector in Republic of Moldova.

The possibility of changing the telephone operator and keeping the same number determined the intensification of the competition on the market. Keeping a phone number is not one of the main barriers to migration between networks, regardless of the mobile or fixed network - subscribers choose their operator according to other criteria, such as the volume of their communication needs, the quality of the services offered by the operator, the coverage of the network, experience of using products and services.

ANRCETI analysis showed that the subscribers of the mobile telephony services, who benefit from the new offers implemented after July 1 2013, pays for the same volume of services smaller amounts, than for the services consumed until the launch of the number portability. Before July 1st 2013 these users paid more than one hundred or two hundred lei or even thousands lei per month for calls to fixed and mobile networks. Sometimes in the end of each month, they paid extra package with minutes for calls.  For now, they pay only the monthly service package with included or unlimited minutes for internetwork talk or conversations in the network.

Until now, more than 270.000 subscribers make use of the number transfer service. 251148 (93.01%) are mobile numbers, and 18,889 (6.99%) are fixed numbers.

After six years from the number portability service launch, it slows down the growth rate and is due to the maturing and saturation of this market and using of Over-the-top (OTT) applications (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) on alternative devices such as computer, smartphone, etc.

Following the example of more than 70 countries, including Moldova, in 2019, the portability service was launched in other countries of the world such as Ukraine, Morocco and Mexico!

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Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181