After the implementation of number portability in Moldova, porting applications are constantly increasing

After the implementation of number portability in Moldova, porting applications are constantly increasing. Thus, over 66,000 phone numbers have been ported until the end of 2014, with a monthly average of 3,700 numbers, at the same time ANRCETI issued new licenses to operators of more than 490,000 of number resources.
From 1 July 2013 till the end of 2014 have been ported 59,724 mobile phone numbers and 6,511 fixed phone numbers.

Porting evolution can be viewed in the image below. Most portings were registered in the month of portability service launching, when 5,907 customers of mobile telephony services have changed the operator, keeping the phone number. In fixed telephony networks, July 2014 brought the fewest portings (148), but in September 2014 number of portings has increased almost 4 times, being similar to data recorded in the same period of the year 2013.

Statistical data shows that, on the market of Republic of Moldova during period of 18 months, were ported 0.96% of the total quantity of number resources assigned to mobile telephony operators in Republic of Moldova, that makes more than 90% of total ported numbers and 0.37% of number resources assigned to operators of fixed telephony, that makes 10% of the total numbers ported. This percentage is continuously growing.
According to a university study in Hamburg, this index is medium for European countries, the lowest being in France - 0.2%, Portugal - 0.4%, Germany - 0.6% and the highest being in Finland - 20 8%, Denmark - 17.8%.
Analysts say that although portability is a key factor in increasing competitiveness on the market, the system does not work sufficiently if is promoted insufficiently by the telephone service providers or there are too many formalities in application for porting.
Specialists in portability say about this index as a relative, but the more subscribers are satisfied with the services they currently use, the number portability will fall, and customers will not opt to migrate to another operator.
It can be concluded, the purpose of implementing of number portability is achieved on the Moldavian market - operators of mobile and fixed telephony became more responsive to customers’ requirements, and operators’ offers become more attractive and competitive for subscribers.

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